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  • Select common vacuum pump oil
    Select common vacuum pump oil For vacuum pump manufacturer, the high quality of the oil, can improve the overall performance of the pump, to bring affordable for most users, resulting in a good social benefits. For the user, if the result is not satisfied with the use of the factory oil, al...

  • Water ring vacuum pump works Introduction
    Water ring vacuum pump works Introduction Water ring vacuum pump (referred to as the water pump) is a rough vacuum, extreme pressure it can get, for a single-stage pump 2.66 ~ 9.31kPa; for a two-stage pump is 0.133 ~ 0.665kPa. The water ring pump is also used as a compressor, it belongs t...

  • Vacuum evaporation coating equipment
    Vacuum evaporation coating equipment   Metalized reflective surface is formed on the vacuum chamber through a resistor resistance heating rods mounted on the resistance wire to a metal material (aluminum wire, nickel chromium, tin, etc.) melting vaporized, the vaporized molecules is depo...

  • Domestic Situation pump manufacturer
     Domestic Situation pump manufacturer China's production of vacuum equipment is obtained from the beginning of the 1930s, after almost 70 years of development, the full range of vacuum equipment, the quality has improved steadily, basically meet the needs of the domestic market. China'...